Emigrant × Eskalopka
2005 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

BIDAYER, a young pure Polish filly, has a limited show career, but has already won a large yearling class at the highly competitive Sharjah International Show and was named Junior Champion at the 2006 Ajman Ramadan Show. Bold, pretty, and elegant, this young filly holds a lot of promise for the future to follow in the footsteps of her illustrious dam, ESKALOPKA, one of the top mares ever bred at the renowned Michalow Stud in Poland. ESKALOPKA, has not only been a European Champion, Polish National Reserve Champion, and World Top Ten Mare, but she is from a very large family of champions. Her sire, MONOGRAMM is one of the most well-known and successful Pure Polish stallions ever. In addition to Eskalopka, his offspring include:

EKSTERN : World Champion Stallion
ZAGROBLA: World Champion Mare & US National Champion Mare
KWESTURA: World Reserve Champion Mare & US National Champion Mare
EMMONA- World Champion Junior Mare
FALLADA- World Reserve Champion Mare
PALMIRA- World Reserve Champion Mare
GANGES- US National Champion Stallion

Her sire, EMIGRANT has been named European Senior Champion Stallion, Polish National Champion Stallion, All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Stallion and World Top Ten stallion.

Truly from a family of Champions, Bidayer possesses all the qualities it takes to follow in the path of her great ancestors.


Emigrant Ararat Palas Aswan
Arra Bandos
Emigrantka Eukaliptus Bandos
Emigracja Palas
Eskalopka Monagramm Negatraz *Bask
*Monogramma Knippel
Egzotyka Probat Pohaniec
Elana Elf


Emblem light purple

Basil Albidayer

OM El Bellissimo × Bidayer
2014 Grey Purebred Arabian Stallion
Emblem light purple

Basmah Albidayer

Fadi Al Shaqab × Bidayer
2015 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
Emblem light purple

Murooj Albidayer

Marajj × Bidayer
2011 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare